The Steps of an Online Consultation

Dear Customer

This page is intended to explain the various stages of a remote consultancy work with Arte dell ‘Abitare, considering the need for personalized modifications.

If we enter the operational phase described it means that we have already had a telephone conversation to get to know each other better and above all to understand your idea of ​​home.

Step 1 – Data shipment

Sending the scale plan of the apartment, acquiring photos of the rooms, any photos of the furniture to be relocated with attached measurements, other information.

Step 2 – Proposals and sending data

Here is an example of proposals sent to the customer on scale furnishings and suggestions for new decorative and design elements

Reproduction from map of the environment to be modified.

Proposal for floor and position of main furnishing accessories.

Step 3 – Telephone briefing with the customer

After a further exchange of ideas and sensations, we are ready to continue towards a definitive project.

Insertion of all the required furnishing accessories.

Proposed color change of the walls.

New proposal for color change of the walls and lighting arrangement.

Final proposal in agreement with the customer, with all the technical indications and materials to create the desired space.

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